Thank you all for the wonderful, positive feedback.  I have been asked to extend the show until April 30, 2021.  So be it!


Welcome to my online exhibition and sale. Some of these works were completed on-site at various outdoor locations and others in my studio.  Some works faithfully record what I have observed, while others represent composites of landscapes, abstracts, streetscapes and/or figural drawings from my travels. 


Many artists paint light and dark, seeking to capture the elusive beauty of sunlight.  Others paint with absolute precision.  Having done both, I am currently drawn to paintings that create mood, or evoke emotion.  I have often been told that my paintings convey movement or a feeling; it would be wonderful to capture the feeling one may experience by standing in newly fallen snow while watching the day’s dying light.  Transitions, such as dawn and dusk, attract my eye and those elements inspired this current exhibition.  I hope you enjoy my interpretations.


I also hope your visit will uplift your spirits and, even if for a moment, transport you away to a happier, more reflective time.  Perhaps you may be able to forget the pandemic and instead, experience a world full of beauty and promise.


Despite our need to work alone, artists crave feedback on the works we produce.  As such, I welcome your comments.  Please feel free to email those comments (in confidence) to me at  


Those of you who may be interested in purchasing any of these works can obtain a price list by emailing me at Some works are framed, while others do not require framing.  If the painting that interests you is unframed and requires a frame, I can offer framing services on a limited basis at cost, recognizing that supplier inventories have been somewhat depleted during COVID.  Under these circumstances, I have kept prices as reasonable as possible. 


Thank you for your interest.  Enjoy!